Customer Testimonials


I have been working on the internet for a number of years, and one of the biggest problems I have encountered is customer service, there usually is none. But, I am delighted with the excellent customer service provided by Elite Hosts and at such a reasonable price! They actually answer my emails, usually within minutes, and there is someone who answers the telephone if I need to speak to a real person. That is incredibly rare nowdays! The technical staff is knowledgable, courteous and more than willing to help. Furthermore, my website has had no down time or technical problems at all! Elite Hosts is the finest webhosting company I am aware of. I strongly recommend them. 

Rev Dr Michael Milner


I have been using Elite Hosts for server colocation for almost a year now, and they're the best I've ever dealt with. The reliability has been great -- only 1 minor downing, and it was quickly resolved. If I have a problem, an email yields a quick reply and prompt action if necessary. I get a quick phone call if bandwidth levels rise abnormally just to make sure everything is OK -- indicating that they watch their network closely, and look out for their customers' security. We chose Elite Hosts because we wanted high-quality bandwidth and service from a small agile company. Big colocation facilities would charge an arm and a leg if you need a CD popped into your server's drive, and will happily bill you at the end of the month for bandwidth from a DoS attack you never even knew about. I would recommend them for anyone seeking a colocation facility with full access and some personal attention.

Jaime Sirovich



Elitehosts have provided a continiously great service, in uptime, service and friendly support throughout my time of being with them. Compared to many other hosts we have tested for expansion Elite have always out beat them, in comparison all we have been with they have been the best. I would personally highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for web site hosting. Elitehosts have honestly exceeded any of my requirements and my expectations. 

T. Gordon



I have been using Elite Hosts, Inc. for a few years now and they are the best. The reliability has been superb. If ever I have a problem, just a quick email and I receive a rapid response and appropriate action. I really appreciate the attention to customer service provided by Elite Hosts, Inc. I would highly recommend their services to others. 

M. Swedelson



Elitehosts is the only hosting company that has given me everything I have ever needed for any of my websites. They have superb customer service and always answer to any of my requests faster than any other company I have used in my 10 years of webmaster experience. I highly recommend Elitehosts to anyone seeking affordable hosting with excellence in service. 

Carolina Rojas



Kudos to the Elitehosts team for their professional and efficient service! Your site is easy to navigate through and managing my domain could not be simpler! Whenever I have a question or concern you always respond quickly with the solution. And all of this comes at a terrific price!

Michael E Fordsham



I have used many web hosts over the years. I always found myself leaving because of terrible support, frequent downtimes, being double charged or loss of all my data for simple mistakes. 

Elitehosts has met and exceeded every one of my needs The support is exceptional, and a REAL PERSON will immediately answer every question you may have. I operate the largest catfishing website in the world, and my site is taxing on administrators in the best of times. Elitehosts was there to personally assist in our expansion needs, and I never once felt that my questions were a bother or passed of to a FAQ list stuffed on some page to fend for myself.

Our Uptime has been the best I ever had. Since hosting with EliteHosts our site was down only (1) time, and it was momentary in nature. We were kept abreast of what was going on and there was no question that we were being taken care of expeditiously. 

You will be treated professionally by professionals. It is truly a great experience and worth every penny. If your site is mission critical and detrimental to your organization, you want Elitehosts behind you supporting you organization. 

Paul Louderback



I have had my photos hosted with Elite Hosts for over three years now, and I can’t believe how wonderful they are! My online vintage business is my only income, so I need dependability. There has been almost no down time, like less than a few hours over the last three years. AMAZING! And, when there has been a problem I call or email them and I hear back from them, truly helpful and concerned within a half an hour at most. Stunning, in a world when one can never get a response without holding for eternally long times, then it is usually a mechanical voice system. Elite Hosts are undeniably the best service of any kind that I have encountered in many years. Thank you so much for being there! 

Lynn Heins


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